This website is designed to show a basic listing of all the scootering events we hear about in the UK. Local rallies, regional and national scooter rallies, and various annual championship events as well as scooter ride-outs. Nothing clever, but something that will scale onto a tablet or mobile phone screen.


Hosted, run and edited by Colin Cartwright, the site and the mobile App are  a collaboration between a number of scooter clubs and friends and is contributed to by  FOS Tours, Generations SC Horncastle,  GYSC Grimsby, Under 5's SC Grimsby, The GCSS Grimsby, Scunthorpe Silhouettes SC, Scunthorpe Scooter Alliance, Lost and Lonely SC, Boots 'n' Scoots SC (Lincoln), Boston SC, Mod's 'n' Sods (Skegness), Dambusters SC (Lincoln), Sleaford All-Knighters SC  and many more.


We began this because we all wanted our rally and ride-out info on our mobile phones and tablet PCs.   It's all basic stuff, but includes local, regional, national and some international rallies and events, along with local weekly ride-outs in an around Lincolnshire and Humberside.

Note that WE DO NOT run or organise any of the events listed on this site, we are simply a directory listing service for scootering based events.

2 years on we have in the order of 100,000 page views a year on the website and more than 4,000 people have now downloaded and are using the mobile app.



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Note that we do not organise rallies or events, and dates are provided by a number of sources, not all of which we can verify. so check with organisers first before making any bookings  to ensure dates are correct as these often change over time