Covid-19 Read This first

During 2020 almost all scootering events were cancelled. Going forward the restrictions are likely to change over time, so before you go booking any hotels, or making plans,  it is vital that  you check with the organisers directly, as most events , certainly between March and July 2021 are being, or have been postponed or cancelled by their organisers. This includes the majority of foreign events we know of in the first half of the year. 

What happens next will depend on how well we all follow the rules, but we suspect that any large crowd gatherings are likely to be limited in number, subject to all sorts of restrictions and depdendant on people's behaviour before we get to the end of the road out of lockdown.  Unless we follow the rules now, we won't be able to play later!   

You can keep up to date with the latest advice and guidance on Covid-19 here. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Please follow Goverment advice and also check with organisers of individual events  before setting off to any rally or event listed on this website.

The Road out of Lockdown........


March 8

The government has now published the laws and guidance for what you may do from March 8. As it stands the law still states that you must stay at home, however there are certain exceptions laid out in law for leaving the home. One of these is that you may leave the home “to visit a public outdoor place for the purposes of open-air recreation” and you may do that alone, with a member of your household or support bubble, or one other person.

Separate to the law is the guidance published by the government, which currently recommends that you stay local and minimise the number of journeys you make. Local means around 5 miles.

March 29

Should the virus infection and death rates be deemed to be heading in the right direction, from March 29 the 'stay at home' order will be relaxed. The rules will also be relaxed on groups, so two households or six people will be free to mix. That means you’ll be free to ride as you see fit with up to five of your mates. But only after March 29th!

Outdoor sports facilities will also be allowed to reopen, so that means trackdays will be able to resume as well as bikesport, such as racing, trials and enduro, as long they are compliant with the guidance. These events won’t be subject to the gathering limits but the no overnight rule will still apply and there won’t be spectators.


April 12

Step two of the planned relaxation could be as early as April 12 and will see non-essential retailers allowed to reopen. That means bike dealers and kit retailers, if you’re crying out for new metal or a shiny new lid.

With it outdoor hospitality will be allowed to reopen too however you have to order, eat and drink while seated, so you local bike meet won’t be at full power just yet. Self-contained accommodation such as campsites and holiday cottages where there are no shared facilities will be allowed to reopen. That means if you fancy taking a solo bike tour (or going with someone you live with) you could do but you couldn’t go with mates.

Around this time the Government hope to make a statement on the future of international travel but until they do so, biking holidays into Europe and beyond will still be banned.

May 17

May 17 is the earliest that the Government expects to be able to relax the rule of six outdoors, instead allowing people to decide their own comfortable level of risk. Gatherings of more than 30 people will still be banned but you probably don’t go for a ride with that many mates anyway.

The rule of six (or two households) will still apply indoors though and if you do go somewhere to eat or drink, it will still be table service only. Other indoor locations such as B&Bs and hotels should be open by this point too, making a bike tour even easier.

By this point, the Government is also hoping to allow people to attend large outdoor events, where they can be spread out in allocated seating. Stil no crowding indoors to watch live bands etc.

June 21

If everything goes to plan, the Government is hoping to remove all legal limits on social contact by June 21, so if you want to get 45 mates and go for a big ride out there’s nothing to stop you. Apart from having 45 mates obviously.

This is an evolving situation and the government guidance could change. We will continue to update this page as things develop, so be sure to check back regularly.