Covid-19 Read This first

During 2020 almost all scootering events have been cancelled. Going forward the restrictions are likely to change over time, so before you go booking any hotels, or making plans,  it is vital that  you check with the organisers directly, as most events , certainly between March and October 2020 are being, or have been postponed or cancelled by their organisers. This includes the majority of foreign events we know of. As further restrictions come into force in October, more and more events will be postponed.

Who knows what 2021 will hold. Let us hope by the time 2021 scooter rally season comes round, things will be more like they used to be.  

You can keep up to date with the latest advice and guidance on Covid-19 here.

Please follow Goverment advice and also check with organisers of individual events  before setting off to any rally or event listed on this website.

What does the new national Coronavirus lockdown mean for me?

Assuming it gets passed by Parliament on November 4th, England will put the tiered system on hold, with the entire country going into a national lockdown from Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December. The hope is that this will allow the country to return to the regional restrictions for Christmas. Here are the key rules to understand…

  • Meeting other people indoors or in private gardens will no longer be allowed.
  • One person will be allowed to meet one other person from another household outside, as long as it’s in a public place.
  • Non-essential retail will close, though it can offer click-and-collect.
  • Pubs, bars and restaurants will only offer takeaway or delivery, but no alcohol for takeaway.
  • Gyms, swimming pools, and other leisure facilities will close.
  • Beauty salons, hairdressers and other personal care facilities will close.
  • Places of worship will close, except for funerals with up to 30 people, individual prayer, formal childcare or to provide blood-donation services or food banks.
  • Children will be able to move between homes if their parents are separated.
  • Overnight stays, even in a second home, will not be allowed in the UK or overseas, except for business.
  • All non-essential travel by private or public transport is to be avoided.
  • Support bubbles can still be formed between two households.


While people will be told to stay at home except for specific reasons, there are some key differences to the previous national lockdown in March, for instance…

  • Childcare, schools, colleges and universities will remain open.
  • Construction sites and manufacturing workplaces can remain open.
  • Clinically vulnerable people will be asked to be extra careful, but not made to shield.
  • This is a time-limited lockdown, with the intention being that the tiered system will return to England on 2 December, though this will depend on the reinfection rate reducing to a manageable level.

Can I ride my Scooter during lockdown?

A scooter is of course a form of transport that can be used for any essential purpose in exactly the same way as a car or bicycle, but the government has said that non-essential travel should be avoided.

In his speech on Saturday evening (31 October), Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that “You may only leave home for specific reasons, including… For exercise and recreation outdoors, with your household or on your own with one person from another household.”

But updated guidance released on Monday 2 November states that you should ‘avoid travelling out of your local area, and look to reduce the number of journeys you make’.

The reasons for travel are listed as:

  1. Travelling to work where this cannot be done from home
  2. Travelling to education and for caring responsibilities
  3. Hospital, GP and other medical appointments or visits where you have had an accident or are concerned about your health
  4. Visiting venues that are open, including essential retail
  5. Exercise, if you need to make a short journey to do so

It's important to remember that getting fuel will expose you and others to the risk of transmitting or contracting Coronavirus, and if you do use the scooter, avoid drawing attention to yourself through your riding style or noise.

Consider Boris Johnson’s closing words from his statement: “We are not going back to the full-scale lockdown of March and April. It is less prohibitive and less restrictive.  “But from Thursday the basic message is the same: Stay at home. Protect the NHS. And save lives.”

Will Scooter dealers be open for sales or servicing?  Vehicle showrooms are specifically excluded from essential businesses that can remain open, but they can offer a click and collect or online service.  Servicing is very likely to remain open for key workers, much like the lockdown in March. The message at the moment is to call your local dealer to check on their

Can I get an MOT during lockdown?  There’s currently no advice on the MOT tester’s official system, so as it stands we expect testing to continue.  Of the stations we’ve spoken to, all are saying they have had no notification that they shouldn’t be able to work. 

Can I get a CBT, bike training or take my motorcycle test during lockdown?  Despite motorcycles and scooters offering a socially-distanced form of transport with much less impact on the environment than cars and almost-empty busses, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has suspended all Powered Two Wheeler training and testing in England between 5 November and 2 December. 

Essential tips for motorcycle riders during the Coronavirus pandemic

  • Do NOT ride if you have any symptoms of Coronavirus
  • You must wear a face mask (or keep your full-face helmet on) when entering the service station to pay for fuel. Steamed-up glasses is not a valid disability that exempts you from wearing a facemask
  • The virus can linger on surfaces, so use the forecourt’s disposable gloves (often now a simple bag) over your bike gloves when handling the pump
  • Pay with contactless; most shops and garages now accept up to £45 for contactless payments, which is typically more than enough to pay for a tank of fuel
  • If you need to spend more, consider setting up Google Pay or Apple Pay on your phone – once unlocked, you can usually spend more this way than with a contactless card
  • Carry a facemask and hand-sanitiser at all times, in case you visit a shop or café
  • Keep two metres from others when off the bike


 What do the new Covid-19 rules in Wales mean for Scooterists?

From 18:00 on Friday 23 October to 9 Monday 9 November, Wales will be in a ‘Firebreak’ lockdown, with everyone being told to stay at home.

  • Those living in Wales can only leave their house to provide care or to buy essential food or medication. Travel for holidays is not permitted and they can only travel to work if a critical worker, or in employment that cannot be carried out at home.
  • Welsh residents may not visit friends or socialise indoors or out, even in public parks.
  • Those living on their own and requiring support will be able to meet one other household FROM WALES indoors.
  • Pubs, restaurants, beauty salons and gyms will be closed.
  • Welsh residents may leave their home for exercise, but running and cycling clubs will not be allowed.

For scooterists living in Wales, the rules are clear – use the bike for essential travel only, not for leisure. Those living outside Wales must not enter unless it’s absolutely essential, which includes visiting family.

In addition to the above rules, it’s also worth noting that…

  • Local parks, playgrounds and outdoor gyms will remain open.
  • Primary school children will return to classes from 2 November (after half term), but only secondary school children in years seven and eight.
  • Childcare will stay running.


What do the new Covid-19 rules in Scotland mean for scooterists??

Scotland has introduced a five level system, with people under level three restrictions or above being told to make only essential journeys. Those living in England should not travel to Scotland, except for essential purposes.



Level 0

Eight people from three households can meet indoors, or fifteen from five households outdoors.

Level 1

Six people from two households may meet in each other’s homes.

Level 2

No indoor meeting with other households, six people from two households outdoors / in hospitality. Pubs, bars and restaurants can sell alcohol indoors only with a main mean and only until 8pm.

Level 3

No alcohol to be served indoors or out. Cafés pubs and restaurants to close by 6pm.

Level 4

All non-essential shops, hospitality and gyms to close. Some outdoor meeting allowed, schools to stay open.