Covid-19 Cornona Virus. Read this first. You will be aware that more and more events are being cancelled every day due to the virus outbreak. It is vital that before you decide to go to any of the events below, you check with the organisers directly, as most events , certainly between March and May 2020 are being postponed or cancelled.

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March of the MOD's 2020 events.  March of the Mods is currently raising money and awareness for Teenage Cancer Trust, and these are some of the reasons why.  Some Facts & Statistics:

• Every day in the UK, six young people aged 13 to 24 are told they have cancer. That’s about 2,100 young people a year.

• Cancer is the number one cause of non-accidental death in young adults in the UK.

• One in 312 males and one in 361 females will get cancer before they are 20.

• Boys up to the age of 15 have a one in 450 chance of developing cancer, rising to one in 208 by the time they reach 24. Girls up to the age of 15 have a one in 517 chance of developing cancer, rising to one in 239 by the time they reach 24.

• Incidence rates are now higher in 13 to 24 year-olds than in children, yet survival rates for this age group have not improved as much.

• Young people get some of the most aggressive cancers. But because only 0.6% of all cancers occur in young people, they are often misdiagnosed initially. This decreases their chances of survival and can mean they are excluded from clinical trials.

For more information regarding Teenage Cancer Trust please click on their logo on this page.


13-14 Mar Brentwood (click for accommodation)
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14 Mar Lincoln  (click for accommodation)
motm lincoln.jpg
14 Mar Birkenhead
14 Mar Telford
motm telford 2.jpg
14 Mar Manchester 
14 Mar Kessingland
motm kessingland.jpg
14 Mar Lanarkshire
20-21 Mar Blackpool
21 Mar Guildford
21 Mar Birmingham
21 Mar Nottingham
21 Mar Southampton
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27-28 Mar Hartlepool 
motm hartlepool.jpg
27-28 Mar Torbay
27-28 Mar Morecambe
motm mor5ecambe.jpg
27-28 Mar Tamworth
27-28 Mar Paisley
motm paisley.jpg
28 Mar Stoke 
28 Mar Chester
28 Mar Newark
28 Mar Ipswich
28 Mar Bicester
28 Mar Aberdeen
28 Mar Isle Of Wight
28-29 Mar Southport 
29 Mar Rochdale