A complete listing of 2021scooter rallies. Local, regional and national rallies and scootering events. BSRA Scooter Events, LCGB Scooetr Rallies, VCB Scooetr rallies and more.   This list is being added to all the time as we hear about more events, so keep checking back for more details....

Once you find the event you want to go to, why not search Booking.com to see what accomodation is available? Or you can use any of the 'click for accomodation ' links next to any event they are shown to go to hotels and B&B for those rallies. Using the links below to book will help us finance the on-going website and mobile app. 

Please be aware that some of the events below may get postponed or cancelled subject to changing restrictions due to covid-19.  Make sure you keep up to date with any covid 19 restrictions.




Mnth Date       Event Accomodation                 
Feb 26th-28th VFM Carry On Abroad                                      CANCELLED
Mar 5th-7th Modrapheniacs Rally,  Sandford Holiday Park, Wareham, BH16 6JZ.  Sandford CANCELLED
Mar 20th  Prodigy SC, St Annes, Birmingham, B12 0PA   CANCELLED
Mar 26th-28th Teignmouth Rally   CANCELLED
Apr 2nd-5th Scarborough BSRA National Rally (click for accomodation) CANCELLED
Apr 11th VCB Six Counties Tour    
six counties tour21.jpg    
Apr 23-25th Great Yarmouth Scooter Weekender, NR30 5HH   CANCELLED
Apr 30th-2nd Weston-Super-Mare BSRA National Rally  (click for accomodation) CANCELLED
Apr 30th-2nd Skegness Scooter Rally, Skegness, Lincs (click for accomodation) POSTPONED TILL 10-12 SEPT
May 7th-9th Phoenix Nights Rally, Hinckley, LE10 3DR   CANCELLED
May 7th-8th Mid-Cheshire Scooter Rally    
May 8th-9th VCB SW Region Tour of Cornwall    
May 14th-16th Scoot about Skye 2021 (click for accomodation)  
May 15th-17th Looe Scooter Weekender (click for accomodation) CANCELLED
May 21st-23rd Langham Rally (VCB), Colchester   Now 24th-25th Sept
May 28th-30th Kelso BSRA National Rally, Showground, Kelso (click for accomodation) CANCELLED
Jun 4th-6th Celtic Run 2021 at Plestin-Les-Greves   CANCELLED
Jun 11th-13th Euro Lambretta, Nevis Centre, Fort William (click for accomodation) CANCELLED
Jun 25th-27th Big 7 BSRA National Rally, Hop Farm, Kent, TN12 6PY   CANCELLED
Jun 25th-27th Newark On Trent Scooter Club Rally, Showground, NG24 2NY    
Jun 25th-27th Isle of Man Scooter Rally (click for accomodation)  
Jul 2nd-3rd Vale of White Horse Scooter Rally, Coopers Arms, Pewsey, SN9 5BL (click for accomodation)  
vale of white horse rally 2021.jpg    
Jul 4th Northwich Scooter Day, Town Centre, Northwich    
Jul 9th-11th Cleethorpes BSRA National Rally, Meridian Rd, DN35 0AR    CANCELLED
Jul 9th-11th Time, Trouble & Money II, Brumby Hall, DN15 1AA 
 (click for accomodation) CANCELLED
Jul 9th-11th  Hellcat Run Torrington FC, Devon, EX38 7AJ    CANCELLED
Jul 10th WOBS All-Dayer, Millbrook, SO16 9LP    
wobs alldayer.jpg    
Jul 16th-17th Summer Nights, Shipston, CV36 4DQ    
summer nights1617jul21.jpg    
Jul 17th Beano @ The Brig, Altofts, WF6 2JH    
Jul 17th-18th Scooters at the Mount,Olivers Mount, Scarborough  (click for accomodation)  
Jul 23rd-25th Tin Soldiers Scooter Rally, Bletchley, MK3 5BX   POSTPONED 
Jul 23rd-25th SWSC Scooterist Farmyard Bash, Court Farm, Country Park, Banwell, BS29 6DG    
gfarmyard bash2021.jpg    
Jul 23rd-25th Snowdonai Scooter Rall,  Porthmadog FC Ground    
maddog rally.jpg    
Jul 24th-25th Strictly Scooters, Winchelsea, TN36 4AD    
Jul 31st Parkas in the Park, Seagoe FC, Portadown    
Jul 30th-01 Aberystwyth BSRA National Rally (click for accomodation)  
Jul 30th-1st Rocking the Heifer, Rock & Heifer Inn, BD13 3HR    
rocking the heiffer2021.jpg    
 Jul  30th-1st Devizes Scooter Rally, Rowde, SN10 2QW    
Jul 31st VCB Yorkshire  Coast to Coast Poker Run    
Aug 5th-8th Oddballs Scooter Rally CM14 5TJ    
odballs 2021.jpg    
Aug  6th-8th Messy #6 @Lucarly's, Wilton Rd, Cleethorpes, DN36 4AW (click for accomodation)  POSTPONED
Aug 6th-8th Shindig 9, Swaffam Rugby Club, PE37 7QX    
Aug 7th-8th Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, Abingdon RC, OX14 5TJ    
invasin of the bodysnatchers.jpg    
Aug 13th-15th Stax Of Scooters, Forthampton    
Aug 13th- 15th Bangers & Mash, Eastwood, Nottingham    
Aug 13th-14th Rat Run 9, Featherstone Lions RC, WF7 5DE    
 Aug 13th-15th Rally On Regardless 3, Tattenhall, CH3 9AY    POSTPONED
ROR3 postponed.jpg    
Aug 20th-22nd British Vespa Days, Rutland, LE15 6US    
Aug 20th-23rd Wangerland Rally, Jeversche Str, 100-26434 Wangerland, Germany    
Aug 27th-29th Isle of Wight BSRA National Scooter Rally (click for accomodation)  
isle of wight sr.jpg    
Sept 3rd-5th Mersea Island Scooter Rally    
Sept 5th Smell the 2 Stroke Nantwich, CW5 5SS    
smellthe 2 stroke.jpg    
Sept 10th-12th Skegness Scooter Rally (click for accomodation)  
Sept  12th Mods & Rockers in Hunstanton    
mods and rockers hunstanton.jpg    
Sept 17th-19th Gimmie Six, Run to the Fens    
Sept 24th-26th South West Scooter Clubs BSRA National Rally Weston Super Mare    
Oct 8th-10th Skegness Soul Weekender    
Oct 15th-17th Great Yarmouth Scooter Weekender, Norfolk, NR30 5HH    
Oct 29th-30th YSA Bridlington Scooter Rally    
Oct 29th-31st Southport BSRA National Rally (click for accomodation)  
Nov 12th-14th Great Eastern Scooter Rally, Mablethorpe (click for accomodation)